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Ph.D. University of California (Santa Cruz), 1995
Voicemail: (707) 664-2995
Email: crocker@sonoma.edu

Postdoctoral Experience:

University of California (Santa Cruz).

Research Interests:

Comparative Physiology of Vertebrates; Physiological Ecology; Bioenergetics; Behavioral Ecology; Biology of Marine Mammals.

Research Program:

My research is focused on the physiological and behavioral ecology of pinnipeds, seals and sea lions. My approach is to integrate physiology and behavior with the aim of addressing ecological theory. I am investigating physiological factors that impact the reproductive and foraging strategies used by marine predators. Much of my current research is focused on the physiology and behavior of northern elephant seals. These investigations include both field and laboratory studies. I am currently investigating the metabolic physiology and biochemistry of extended fasting in seals. I am investigating the foraging ecology of Southern Ocean seals in the Antarctic in collaboration with Dan Costa of UCSC. I am also working with Costa and Barbara Block of Stanford University as an investigator on the Tagging of Pacific Pelagics Project (TOPP). My graduate students are exploring a wide variety of research areas including fasting physiology, foraging behavior and life history strategies. My lab has a strong collaborative relationship with the Institute of Marine Sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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Associate Professor of Biology & Graduate Program Coordinator
Selected Publications

Champagne, C.D. , D.S. Houser, D.E. Crocker. 2006. Glucose metabolism during lactation in a fasting animal, the northern elephant seal. American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology (in press).

McDonald, B.I. and D.E. Crocker. 2006. Physiology and behavior impact lactation efficiency in northern elephant seals. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 79:484-496.

Crocker, D.E., D.P. Costa, B.J. Le Boeuf, P.M. Webb and D.S. Houser. 2006. Impact of El Nino on the foraging behavior of female northern elephant seals. Marine Ecology Progress Series 309:1-10.

Thornton, S.J., P.W. Hochachka, D.E. Crocker, D.P. Costa, B.J. LeBoeuf, D.M. Spielman and N.J. Pelc. 2005. Stroke volume and cardiac output in juvenile elephant seals during forced dives. Journal of Experimental Biology 208: 3637-3643.
Le Boeuf, B.J., and D.E. Crocker. 2005. Ocean climate and seal condition. BMC Biology 3:9.

Champagne, C.D., D.S. Houser and D.E. Crocker. 2005. Glucose production and substrate cycle activity in a fasting adapted animal, the northern elephant seal. Journal of Experimental Biology 208:859-868.

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