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In May 2000 I started as a Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing Analyst in the research lab of Prof. Block at Stanford University . Generally my job involves working with the huge amount of data obtained from biologging devices and remote sensing techniques . I assimilate, decode, analyze, integrate and deliver the data to show the great variety of patterns and relationships detected. One way of lightening up the spatiotemporal complexity of such datasets are spatial analysis techniques; by this means it is possible to synthesize and understand the patterns and relationships which would otherwise stay undetected (see Nature publ.). Ultimately the information is used to help solve scientific and managment related questions.

Currently I am a Life Sciences Research Assistant and have a organizational and management function on the operational side of research projects like TOPP.

In autumn 2004 I started a Phd. with Prof.Block on foraging habitat modeling of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna for the development of a predictive system that will allow the implementation of dynamic area/time closures based on remotely sensed ecosystem parameters. The advantages of such novel management approaches are the protection of a critical population size, the improvement of fisheries efforts as well as decreasing the longterm financial risks of such a fishery.

My particular interest is in Environmental Data Assimilation, Management Systems and Analysis Tools. My career objectives are contributing to the improvement of today’s eco-assessment services and therefore sustainable management of natural resources.

Contact Information:
HMS Stanford University
120 Oceanview Boulevard, Pacific Grove, CA 93950-3094

Life Science Reasearch Assistant
Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed

Walli, A., Costa,D. and Block, B.A. 2007. From a phytoplankton bloom to the presence of a foraging apex predator (Thunnus thynnus): considering spatiotemporal timelags in a pelagic ecosystem. In prep.

Walli, A., Costa,D. and Block, B.A. 2007. Foraging success of bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis, Tunnus tynnus) estimated from visceral warming. In prep.

Hoyt S. Peckham, Andreas Walli, David Maldonado Diaz, Victor de la Toba Miranda, Georgita Ruiz, Wallace J. Nichols, Larry B. Crowder. 2007. Bycatch of Pacific loggerheads in small-scale coastal fisheries can rival that in industrial fisheries. Submitted.

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Non-Peer Reviewed

Walli, A., Costa, D.P. and Block, B.A. 2007. Estimating Feeding from Visceral Warming in Pacific Bluefin Tuna: Lab and Field Measurements. 58th International Tuna Conference. Lake Arrowhead, California. South West Fisheries Center, NMFS, USA.

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Walli,A. 2001. Food for the next Generation. Austrian Broadcasting Foundation (ORF).

Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University