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Live Data mapThis is the portal to the maps used by TOPP researchers. The map pictured here shows the interweaving tracks of several pelagic (open-ocean) species we tag, including laysan albatross (blue dotted line in the western Pacific Ocean), leatherback turtles, (white tracks), salmon sharks (in red), and elephant seals (in green). You can look at the tracks of all the species, or individuals. Just like the animated maps on the home page, these animals' tracks are updated every day.

The animals' satellite tags send data to the Argos satellite. TOPP researchers download and combine the data with maps showing the temperature of the sea surface and areas of concentration of chlorophyll, a green pigment that's present in phytoplankton -- tiny plants that make up the base of the ocean's food chain. Where there are large concentrations of phytoplankton, there are probably zooplankton, tiny fish, larger fish, and TOPP predators. So, not only are the animals tagged by TOPP showing us where they journey -- something that people just didn't know when we began this project in 2000 -- but they're also showing us that there are deserts and oases that move across the ocean.


Publication Date

Tracking apex marine predator movements in a dynamic ocean

(Supplementary materials)

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Annex 5: Tagging of Pacific Pelagics

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