Google (Ocean) E Seals

Nicole Teutschel at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, CA-- Elephant seals have made a big splash in the Ocean, in Google Earth. Today Google launched an Ocean platform in Google Earth!

TOPP has contributed stories, figures, and satellite data to Ocean. This partnership is geared towards enabling everyone to be able to better visualize tracking data, and of course... explore the Oceans right from their computer!


The Challenges of Catching Sea Lions

Melinda Fowler from San Nicolas Island, CA -- Being a field researcher can be incredibly challenging.  We are still here on San Nicolas Island, attempting to catch the 10 sea lions we deployed satellite tags on back in November.  So far, its been a great success - we've caught 6 of the 10 with a week left to go!  Still, at times it can be frustrating.  

How to Catch a Sea Lion: Part 2

Sara Maxwell at UCSC Long Marine Lab, CA -- Back to San Nicolas Island where Melinda Fowler and her crew are still working hard to catch the sea lions that were satellite tagged last November.  In the last blog, I told you how to find your sea lion.




So once you've found the sea lion you are looking for, how do you actually catch it? 

How to Catch a Sea Lion

Sara Maxwell at UC Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab, CA--I've just arrived back from a week as part of the first field crew on San Nicolas Island where we were attempting to recapture sea lions satellite tagged back in November. So how do you catch a sea lion?  Not unlike how you tag an elephant seal - very carefully!  

Meet Melinda

Nicole Teutschel at UC Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab, CA -- The E-Seal Team has a new member, Melinda Fowler. Although new to the TOPP team, she's had extensive experience with marine mammals. Melinda did her masters at Sonoma State University with Dan Crocker, who introduced the Missouri farm girl to the world of elephant seals. He showed her how their extreme behaviors and synchronized haul out schedule makes elephant seals a model system to study many physiological processes.

Sea Lion team lands on San Nicolas Island

Hello from San Nicolas Island!

The sea lion team from Dan Costa's lab arrived on San Nicolas Island this morning to begin recovering instruments attached to California sea lions.

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