Goodbye, Cape Shirreff...For Now

Daniel Costa at UC Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab -- To wrap up our Antarctic adventure, here are a few last photos from our field work down south. These images were taken on the last few days at Cape Shirreff. By the way, according to Wikipedia, Cape Shirreff (62°27S, 60°47W) is " a prominent cape at the north end of the rocky cove which separates Hero and Barclay bays on the north coast of Livingston Island, in the South Shetland Islands. Named by Edward Bransfield in 1820 for Captain William H.

Leopard Seals Tagged!

Dan Costa, aboard the Yuzomegeologia, returning from Antarctica -- We weren't sure it would work....but we did it! We tagged four leopard seals!

When I first went to Cape Shirreff, a remote outpost in the Shetland Islands, in the late 1990's, you could count on seeing the occasional leopard seal. If you were lucky, you might see a leopard seal take a pup or a penguin.

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