On the Hunt for Pacific Bluefin in NZ

George Shillinger, from New Zealand. I arrived in Greymouth on the 9th and am organizing gear right now. At the moment we are dealing with some bad weather.

New Zealand to the Americas: A Striped Marlin's Journey

In February, we put a satellite tag on a striped marlin, a beautiful open-ocean predator that wanders through the tropical and temperate waters from the Indian to the Pacific oceans.

Tales of the Po' Porbeagle Expedition, Part 4

We awoke to 30-knot winds funneling through our fiord anchorage, aptly named Preservation Sound. The forecast was “grim” with 35-45 knot winds predicted. Reluctantly we decided that we needed to make a run for Bluff, our ultimate point of debarkation.

We found a few protected spots along the way to set our lines briefly, and got one promising bite, but as the storm clouds gathered and wind picked up, we conceded defeat and pointed towards shelter.

Tales of the Po' Porbeagle Expedition, Part 3

The wind was high first thing in the morning, so we headed south and fished in the lee of Five-finger Island.

Tales of the Po' Porbeagle Expedition, Part 2

Clouds were gathering as we headed through the protected fiord towards open water.

Tales of the Po' Porbeagle Expedition, Part 1

After a three-hour van ride up into the Fiordland foothills, an hour ferry across Lake Manapouri, and a one-hour bus ride over Wilmot pass, our point of departure, Doubtful sound, finally came into

Yellowfin Tuna Expedition, Part 4 - Clarion Island

The fantastically eroded Clarion Island, its iron-rich cliffs jutting from the waves, is known for its phenomenal tuna fishing.

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