Yellowfin Tuna Tagging with Kurt Schaefer

Kurt Schaefer and Dan Fuller, scientists with the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission La Jolla, California, completed the 7th annual Tagging of Pacific Pelagics (TOPP) yellowfin tuna tagging cruise aboard the San Diego based long-range sportfishing vessel Royal Star (images provided) during the period of December 10-20, 2008.

Meet Melinda

Nicole Teutschel at UC Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab, CA -- The E-Seal Team has a new member, Melinda Fowler. Although new to the TOPP team, she's had extensive experience with marine mammals. Melinda did her masters at Sonoma State University with Dan Crocker, who introduced the Missouri farm girl to the world of elephant seals. He showed her how their extreme behaviors and synchronized haul out schedule makes elephant seals a model system to study many physiological processes.

Laysans Come Home to Guadalupe

Bill Henry, at UC Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab. As you read this, Laysan albatrosses are dancing their courtship ritual on the towering rugged volcanic cliffs of Guadalupe Island off the coast of Mexico. They arrived a few weeks ago after soaring thousands of miles from Alaskas Aleutian Islands and the Gulf of Alaska . They dance within a few feet of their previous nest site to spend much of the next seven months on tierra firme. While these birds have just returned south, we at the lab are busy gearing up to spend some time with them.


Young White Shark's in Mexico

Remember that baby white shark that was outfitted with two satellite tags and released on July 17? For a long time, it mosied around Santa Monica, Long Beach and made its way to San Diego, then made a bee-line, uh, shark-line, for Mexico. On Monday, it was halfway down Baja California. Sal Jorgensen and Mike Castleton at Hopkins Marine Station put this track together.

A most amazing squid tale, Part 7 - The squid festival

Guaymas, Mexico. The most fun (and interesting) part of this trip was definitely the 4th annual Squid Festival on the waterfront in Guaymas.

A squid Q & A

In the "A Most Amazing Squid Tale, Part 2 of 9", emma sent in this question in the comment section:

We Found the White Shark Tag

This was a race of a different sort: chasing after a small tag in a big ocean as it was heading out to sea.

White Shark Tag Adventure

Here is the entire course of the drifting white shark tag after it released from the animal and floated to the surface.

We're Going After the Shark Tag

Five days after the satellite tag released from the white shark, the tag has traveled another 19 miles east and seems to be holding a steady course.

Juvenile White Shark Tag Drifiting

It is now the 4th morning since the tag released from the juvenile white shark. We are getting plenty of satellite hits as the tag continues east.

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