(Almost) Everyone's a Winner!

Before our big race, TOPP researchers put satellite tags on 35 of us Costa Rican leatherbacks in 2004 and 2005. That proved that we could do our Great Race in April.

Zooming in on Sundae and Drexelina

Check out the link on the large blue leatherback turtle on TOPP.org to see the crazy tracks that Drexelina and Sundae are making along Costa Rica's coast. Have you ever seen such a mess!

Help us!

So, by now you know all about how dire my chances of survival are – mine and all the other leatherback turtles.

Yikes! My beach is for sale!

You might see some ads on this site advertising Costa Rican land for sale on Playa Grande Beach -- THAT"S MY NESTING BEACH!!!

Sundae and Drexelina are okay!

Sundae and Drexelina are fine. They're swimming along the coast in typical turtle behavior. We'll show you their up-close-and-personal turtle tracks as soon as they send them to us!!

Leatherback Sea Turtle Tagging at Playa Grande, Costa Rica

by Diane Richards

Leatherback Sea Turtle Tagging: Notes From the Field

From: George Lewis Shillinger

Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2005 12:15 AM

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