More sea lions!

Luis Huckstadt in Santiago, Chile - We are expanding our work with sea lions in the Southern Hemisphere. During the past month of July, we had the opportunity to deploy a new set of satellite tags on sea lions, this time in Chile.

The Expedition Begins

Nicole Teutschel at UC Santa Cruz, Long Marine Lab--Today Luis Huckstadt boarded the massive icebreaker US-chartered Russian ship R/V Yuzhmorgeologiya to start his 3-4 day journey across the Drake Passage into wild Antarctica. Luis, a PhD student in Dan Costa’s Lab, is embarking on a major expedition to the frigid, unforgiving Antarctic waterways: home to some of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth.

What Are the Turtles Telling Us?

George Shillinger, Monterey Bay, CA. Something that most folks don’t realize is how difficult it is to track turtles, notes TOPP researcher Scott Eckert.

Did Missing Turtles Eat Plastic Bags?

George Shillinger in Monterey, CA -- Mistaking them for jellyfish, Stephanie, Windy, Drexelina and Champira ate a bunch of plastic bags.

Was Stephanie Caught by Fishermen?

George Shillinger in Monterey, CA. -- Did commercial fishermen or shark-finners off the Galapagos or Peru accidentally kill Stephanie, Windy, Drexelina or Champira?

Did Stephanie's Tag Stop Working?

George Shillinger in Monterey, CA -- Did the leatherbacks’ harnesses fall off, or have their tags broken?

Did Stephanie Die of Old Age?

George Shillinger in Monterey, CA. Did Stephanie and her sister leatherbacks die of old age?

Where's Stephanie Colburtle?

George Shillinger, in Monterey, CA -- Where in the world is Stephanie Colburtle, the leatherback turtle?

Heading for the Food Court (aka South Pacific Gyre)

Freedom Turtle, from the Summer-to-Summer Super Swimathon. (That's me, the light blue turtle in the pack with Champiro and Purple Lightning.

Great Sea Turtle Summer-to-Summer Super Swimathon!!!

Freedom Turtle here. Just wanted to announce that WE’RE OFF!!!!

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