A Yakutat Shark-Tag Tale

Jane Stevens at Hopkins Marine Station, Pacific Grove, CA - Geoff Widdows is the first person to tell you that another name for Yakutat, Alaska, in the winter is Deadsville. So when Aaron Carlisle, a graduate student who studies salmon sharks sent an email to all (five) of Yakutat's charter boat captains to ask them to go on a treasure hunt for a satellite tag that would win one lucky guy $1,000, you'd think that they would've been scrambling all over each other for a chance at a little excitement.

Meet Melinda

Nicole Teutschel at UC Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab, CA -- The E-Seal Team has a new member, Melinda Fowler. Although new to the TOPP team, she's had extensive experience with marine mammals. Melinda did her masters at Sonoma State University with Dan Crocker, who introduced the Missouri farm girl to the world of elephant seals. He showed her how their extreme behaviors and synchronized haul out schedule makes elephant seals a model system to study many physiological processes.

Sun Shines on Salmon-Taggers' Last Day

Barb Block, salmon-shark tagging in Alaska. Our last day in Gravina Bay on Friday was spectacular. Every vista was different: Snow peaks and fir trees. Velvety green meadows. In all directions, trees with eagles roosting. We began the day with some quick catches and successful tagging. We were able to put out 4 tags before the weather came in with winds that made drifting a bit tricky. We ended the day with 18 successful tagging events, most sharks with multiple tags.

Uncooperative Salmon Slam Taggers

Barb Block, salmon-tagging in Alaska. Well, yesterday was not the day we shark taggers dream of. It was the day that reminds me why few have done this work before.

Salmon Sharks: Warm Bodies, Cold Hearts

Barb Block, salmon-tagging in Alaska. Today in Prince William sound was perfect. I was in the work skiff much of the day.

Early Success with Salmon Sharks

Barb Block, tagging salmon sharks in Alaska. We arrived in Gravina Bay on Sunday, and begain our operations on Monday to catch salmon sharks.

Quest for Salmon Sharks Begins

Barb Block from Prince William Sound. The salmon shark team has arrived in Cordova and we're preparing to leave this morning for Gravina Bay.We hope to tag 30 or more

Here's a net we like!

Who'da thunk that a shark could be warm-bodied, but salmon sharks are.

Where do we go?

Most salmon sharks head south and roam the warm waters offshore of Hawaii, California and Mexico until the spring, when they begin their journeys back to Prince William Sound.

Elephant seals tag season ends

Twenty northern elephant seals wearing brand-new GPS satellite tags are swimming toward Alaska.

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