E Seal Juvies Are Testing New Tags!

Nicole Marie Teutschel at Long Marine Lab, Santa Cruz, CA--As adult northern elephant seals are at sea, juveniles dominate the beaches at Año Nuevo. Most TOPP E Seal research focuses on adult animals, this fall there was we partnered with Sean Hayes at NOAA to test some new tagging technology with a biologging study with juvenile E Seals.


Sara Maxwell and Jana Jeglinski at Fernandina, Galapagos Islands--Greetings from Galapagos!  I am here with Jana Jeglinski and her team to tag Galapagos fur seals and Galapagos sea lions on Fernandina and Floreana Islands.  Right now, I will give you a bit of background about the project and tomorrow I will follow up with our activities here in Puerto Ayora where we are preparing to head in the field.  Hasta manana!


Ontogeny of foraging and inter-specific competition

Banana Returns!

Nicole Marie Teutschel at Año Nuevo State Reserve, CA-- Last winter 5 female weanling elephant seals were satellite tagged at Año Nuevo State Reserve in Northern California. Elephant seal weanlings are only 27 days old at weaning, and fast for 1-2 months before leaving the warm sand at Año Nuevo for the cold, harsh North Pacific Ocean.

And they're off!

Nicole Teutschel at UC Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab, CA-- The beaches are looking more empty everyday because the females are coming into estrous, weaning their pups, and returning to sea. So far 18 of 23 new satellite tags have been deployed, allowing us to not only watch the beaches clear out, but the ocean come alive as we recive satellite hits from the new set of tagged seals as they swim into the North Pacific.

Recapturing South American Sea Lions

Luis Huckstadt and Stephen Tavoni at Isla de Lobos, Uruguay-- We had a very early start Wednesday, waking up at 5:00 am so that we could be at the port in Punta del Este, Uruguay by 6:00 am to catch the boat that was going to take us to Isla de Lobos.

Southern giants have been tagged!

Luis Huckstadt at Punta Arenas, Chile--We are finally back to civilization after a successful field season at Cape Shirreff, Antarctica. I'm happy to report that we accomplished our goal of deploying 15 satellite tags on southern elephant seals (see Cool Cousins). This work could not have been done without the great crew that helped us at the Cape Shirreff camp.

Penelope Returns!

Nicole Teutschel at UC Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab, CA--Penelope has once again graced Año Nuevo State Reserve with her presence! After another long foraging trip at sea, Penelope has returned to give birth to her 7th pup. Last winter Penelope was returning to shore wearing satellite, time depth recorder, and vhf tags. Penelope's tags were recovered shortly after she had her pup.

Numero Uno!

Daniel Costa at Isla Lobos, Uruguay-- We got up at first light this morning and caught our first South American sea lion!!  It was quite an event with a crew of locals, some speak English and others only Spanish.  At times it was a little awkward, especially when most of the people have never caught a sea lion before!  It all went well, but these animals are big.  They are massive.  The female only weighed about 150 kg (or 330 lbs), but she seemed gigantic.  They are mellow animals and once underway things went quite well.

Ellies on Nova TV

Nicole Teutschel from UC Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab, CA-- Northern elephant seals and other local pinniped species will be featured in a film on NOVA on Tuesday, November 25th at 8 pm (local listings may vary).

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