Recapturing South American Sea Lions

Luis Huckstadt and Stephen Tavoni at Isla de Lobos, Uruguay-- We had a very early start Wednesday, waking up at 5:00 am so that we could be at the port in Punta del Este, Uruguay by 6:00 am to catch the boat that was going to take us to Isla de Lobos.

Tip Of The Hat, Wag Of The Flipper: Stelephant Colbert Speaks

Stelephant Colbert at UC Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab -- TONIGHT! Stephen Colbert devotes a segment to your very own Stelephant Colbert. And seagulls thought elephant seals couldn’t get any bigger. Next, I provide you a teaser into my captivating life. Don’t blink - HA! - now you have sand in your eyes! Then, an irresistible force comes on the show to argue a point. This immovable object can’t wait for the ensuing philosophical battle.

E Seal Update

Nicole Teutschel at Año Nuevo State Reserve, CA-- The elephant seal breeding season has reached its peak! This week is when we find the greatest number of elephant seals hauled out along beaches of Año Nuevo State Reserve in Northern California.

Stelephant Colbert is Baaaaaaack!

Patrick Webster at UC Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab, CA--TONIGHT, I, Stelephant Colbert, have returned to the North Point at Año Nuevo State Reserve in Northern California. The Liberal Beta-Male Media doesn’t know what hit it! Next, I will set about reforming the broken harem system within the next hundred days. Look out FDR, my New Deal will shake up America, mostly because I’ve been feeding for the past 6 months. And later, I confront Alby Lockwing, an albatross spokesbird claiming that elephant seals should adopt monogamy.

How to Catch a Sea Lion

Sara Maxwell at UC Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab, CA--I've just arrived back from a week as part of the first field crew on San Nicolas Island where we were attempting to recapture sea lions satellite tagged back in November. So how do you catch a sea lion?  Not unlike how you tag an elephant seal - very carefully!  

Days At The Cape

Luis Huckstadt at Cape Shirreff, Antarctica--Days at the camp are pretty busy, and it's really interesting. We start our work day early, heading out for Antarctic fur seal tag resights, or searching for flipper tags. These are little tags, on squirmy seals, so it usually takes most of our morning. Besides resighting tags, we count individuals which can be complicated in cold places like the Antarctica!  On chilly days, seals tuck their flippers under their bodies to conserve body heat, making our mission of reading their flipper tags quite the challenge!

Arriving at the Cape

Luis Huckstadt at Cape Shirreff, Antarctica-- I'm finally here at The Cape! It's a stormy Antarctic day, so I thought that I'd take this opportunity to write you a report of my expedition so far!


Images from Isla Lobos

Dan Costa is in Uruguay satellite tagging South American sea lions. When he's not busy tagging, he's been sending updates and images from the field. Check out these images and upcoming blogs to learn more about tagging these giant sea lions! All photos were taken by Daniel Costa.

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