Day In The Life: Skinny Females!

Molly McCormley at UC Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab, CA--As the females nurse their pups, they slowly become skinner and skinner until they look like a completely different seal! Females loose about 35 percent of their body weight during the breeding season! These are the skinny females! 



This is The Smelly Show with Jon Sealwart

Patrick Webster at UC Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab, CA-- Hi everybody! Welcome to The Smelly Show! My name is Jon Sealwart and… "Applause" Thank you, thank you. Oh come on now, thank you, you're very kind. I guess this what happens when you spike the calamartinis. Thank you. For those of you at home, that was just the beach sneezing… They're not happy to be here, just congested. OK.


Days At The Cape

Luis Huckstadt at Cape Shirreff, Antarctica--Days at the camp are pretty busy, and it's really interesting. We start our work day early, heading out for Antarctic fur seal tag resights, or searching for flipper tags. These are little tags, on squirmy seals, so it usually takes most of our morning. Besides resighting tags, we count individuals which can be complicated in cold places like the Antarctica!  On chilly days, seals tuck their flippers under their bodies to conserve body heat, making our mission of reading their flipper tags quite the challenge!

South American sea lion Success!

Daniel Costa at Isla Lobos, Uruguay-- We finished deploying 10 tags on the sea lions.  It was an interesting experience working on a new species with a totally new field team, with variable experience.  Most importantly is that, with the exception of Dave Shuman the vet who came along to do the anesthesia I had not worked with any of the people before.  Having said that it was amazing how fast the field team came together even though some members spoke different languages (Spanish vs English).  

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