An angler’s perspective on trench warfare, Pt. 7

I thought that it might be exciting for our readers to provide an angler’s perspective on the fishing and tag deployment experience off Greymouth, New Zealand.  I received the following email from angler, Tom Thomson, who is featured within my birthday bluefin blog in this series, regarding our trip on August 27 - 28, 2008. - George Shillinger

Third week tagging giant pacific bluefin in New Zealand, Pt. 6

After two intensive weeks of fishing, the 2008 bluefin tuna satellite tagging program had made good strides towards the goal of deploying 25 pop-up satellite tags.  Although New Zealand’s winter weather hasn’t been great this season, we’ve managed to tag 21 bluefin by the end of August. 

Birthday Bluefin, Pt. 5

George Shillinger reports on a birthday outing with the Cerveza 2:

Following four back-to back runs on three different vessels, I was craving some rest but anxious to finish the tagging work with our team in Greymouth. I had already extended my trip and could not afford to stay any longer. 

Tagging with the trawlers in the trench, Pt. 4

Pete Saul reports on his back to back trip on Cova Rose. It was a quick turn-around with only a few hours ashore. The charter was three enthusiastic south Australians who wanted to land a fish only if it was a potential world record.

Tagging tunas in the trench with the 4 G's, Pt. 3

Although it was difficult to leave my colleagues and the crew behind on the Cova Rose, it was exciting to board the Cerveza 2 again and to rejoin Captain Larry Johnston, his crew, and the Greymouth Guzzlers (4Gs).




Second week tagging giant pacific bluefin in New Zealand, Pt. 2

Hopes were high for a successful conclusion of the pop-up satellite tagging in the second week. To maximize our tag deployment efforts, George Shillinger (see his blogs #3 and 5) transferred to the Cerveza 2, leaving Pete, Tim, and John to continue with working with the Cova Rose. As both teams prepared to depart, the weather had cleared again allowing the boats to leave the port of Greymouth on schedule.

New Zealand giant pacific bluefin tuna tagging underway, Pt. 1

The 2008 New Zealand Pacific bluefin satellite tagging effort is underway. I reunited with Pete Saul and colleagues, John Holdsworth (Bluewater Marine Research) and Tim Sippel (Auckland University) in Greymouth on August 16, 2008 for another shot at tagging the giant tuna off the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island.



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