Juvenile White Shark Favors Warm Water

The juvenile white shark tag recorded temperature, depth, and light-levels every five seconds during the 90 days that it was deployed on the shark resulting in more than 4.5 million data points.

Antarctica, Part 14 - Dodging the Drake

Today we found out how lucky we were to have made the crossing of the Drake when we did. Apparently a low pressure cell has moved in behind us and the Drake is now a washing machine.

Antarctica, Part 13 - Leaving with a splash

We moved about the L.M. Gould last night as we made final preparations to sail.

Antarctica, Part 12 - Packing up

Yesterday we saw the return of the L.M. Gould as she returned from the ice-fishing expedition to obtain samples for research here at Palmer Station.

Antarctica, Part 11 - Last seal search

Today was probably our last survey for crabeater seals. We didn't see any, but we did find a group of Antarctic terns resting on the ice.

Antarctica, Part 10 - Seal "snow angels"

Today some of us stayed and worked in the lab, analyzing samples, or working with track data, while others went to look for crabeater seals.

Antarctica, Part 9 - Seals and gentoos

Around Palmer Station, we use a small boat to search the area for crabeater seals. Along the way we stumble upon a variety of interesting wildlife.

Juvenile White Shark Data Dump

The guys from the white shark team -- Kevin Weng (left) and Sal Jorgensen (right) -- are busy working up the data retrieved from the juvenile white shark's tag, which was scooped out of the ocean

Antarctica, Part 8 - Palmer Station

After a day of cargo ops and preparations, the LM Gould left this morning with the ice fish group for a trip to obtain more fish for continued research at Pa

Antarctica, Part 7 - Winding down

After a final day working to catch a seal we headed north back to Palmer Station. The weather continues to be amazing with the barometer over 1000 mmHg (sunny, high pressure).

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