Why Tag Fur Seals?

One of the things that TOPP does is develop biologging techniques and technology -- putting satellite tags on animals who roam the ocean and send back data.

New Zealand to the Americas: A Striped Marlin's Journey

In February, we put a satellite tag on a striped marlin, a beautiful open-ocean predator that wanders through the tropical and temperate waters from the Indian to the Pacific oceans.

Great Sea Turtle Summer-to-Summer Super Swimathon!!!

Freedom Turtle here. Just wanted to announce that WE’RE OFF!!!!

Diamonds and Fur (Seals)

Greetings from South Africa!!

We're on the northwest coast of South Africa in the middle of a diamond mine.

(Almost) Everyone's a Winner!

Before our big race, TOPP researchers put satellite tags on 35 of us Costa Rican leatherbacks in 2004 and 2005. That proved that we could do our Great Race in April.

Here's a net we like!

Who'da thunk that a shark could be warm-bodied, but salmon sharks are.

Where do we go?

Most salmon sharks head south and roam the warm waters offshore of Hawaii, California and Mexico until the spring, when they begin their journeys back to Prince William Sound.

Elephant seals tag season ends

Twenty northern elephant seals wearing brand-new GPS satellite tags are swimming toward Alaska.

Have Condom, Will Tag Red-Footed Boobies

Scott Shaffer, from Palmyra Atoll, Pacific Ocean. [Scott Schaffer,

Seal Team Two, Part 9 - All the tags are out!

We managed to squeak out one last deployment on a crabeater seal on the way back to Palmer Station. That means all of our CTD tags are deployed! In other words, we're all tagged out!

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