Yellowfin Tuna Tagging with Kurt Schaefer

Kurt Schaefer and Dan Fuller, scientists with the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission La Jolla, California, completed the 7th annual Tagging of Pacific Pelagics (TOPP) yellowfin tuna tagging cruise aboard the San Diego based long-range sportfishing vessel Royal Star (images provided) during the period of December 10-20, 2008.

Day In The Life: Yearlings

Molly McCormley at UC Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab, CA --Welcome back to our Day in the Life blog during Elephant Seal Homecoming Days! This week we will be looking at YEARLINGS! These guys are awesome because while they are surviving on their own, they don't seem to actually realize how tough they are!

The Weaners are Coming!

Lauren Randall at Año Nuevo State Reserve, CA--Weaners have been spotted, scattered all over Año Nuevo! Weaners, officially called weanlings, are what researchers call elephant seal, Mirounga angustirostris, pups when they are weaned.

Jo's tags!

Ashley Pearson at Año Nuevo State Reserve, CA-- The TOPP Team went out to Año Nuevo State Reserve to recover, or take off, satellite, time-depth-recorder and radio tags from Josephine the northern elephant seal, or E Seal.

Featherfoot gets some flair!

Ashley Pearson at Año Nuevo State Reserve, CA-- Last Thursday we went to recover Featherfoot’s tags from Año Nuevo only to find that someone else had already claimed them...A populations of barnacles had attached themselves to her head and back tags giving her some pieces of flair to show off!

Meet Ashley!

Ashley Pearson at Año Nuevo State Reserve, CA-- Hey, I'm Ashley Pearson!  Nice to meet you,!  I'm a senior biology major at UCSC, and I'm doing a senior thesis through the Costa lab at Long Marine Lab.  As part of my thesis, I have become a member of the TOPP E Seal team!  From time to time I will blog about the my project and the animals we work with.  

Day in the Life: E Seal Pup

Molly McCormley at UC Santa Cruz, Long Marine Lab, CA-- Ever wondered what its like to be an E Seal? What about an E Seal PUP!? E Seals are incredible animals, swimming thousands of miles each year, only coming out of the water twice to breed and molt. These are not your average seals, e seals are tough oceanic predators!

Elephant Seal Homecoming Days!

Nicole Marie Teutschel at Long Marine Lab, CA--Elephant Seal Homecoming Days is here! TOPP is celebrating the northern elephant seal migration back to Año Nuevo State Reserve with Elephant Seal Homecoming Days. Homecoming days is an interactive online education and outreach event that takes place each winter.

Sunny's Tags Snagged!

Nicole Teutschel at UC Santa Cruz, Long Marine Lab--The E Seal Team recovered Sunny’s tags this week! Sunny is a one of TOPP’s featured seals with Elephant Seal Homecoming Days, and for a good reason! When Sunny was 3 years old, she had a packing strap (a plastic piece of garbage) stuck around her arm (or, flipper!) pits. As she grew and got bigger, the strap got tighter, and tighter.

The Expedition Begins

Nicole Teutschel at UC Santa Cruz, Long Marine Lab--Today Luis Huckstadt boarded the massive icebreaker US-chartered Russian ship R/V Yuzhmorgeologiya to start his 3-4 day journey across the Drake Passage into wild Antarctica. Luis, a PhD student in Dan Costa’s Lab, is embarking on a major expedition to the frigid, unforgiving Antarctic waterways: home to some of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth.

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