Weddell Seal Expedition: Halley Station and Signy Island

Patrick Robinson at Signy Island--After completing most of the science work for the expedition, the ship stopped at Halley Station (a British research base on the Brunt ice shelf) to pick up about 25 people and drop off supplies for the folks who will remain there during the winter.  This station is unique because it is built on a thick ice shelf rather than land.  The buildings must be raised on stilts to prevent the inevitable accumulation of snow from burying them over the course of several years.
The main accommodation building at Halley Station on the Brunt ice shelf in the Eastern Weddell Sea. Photo: Patrick Robinson


Our next stop was Signy Island, the site of another small British research base.  We were lucky enough to have a few hours to hike around the island, our first walk on stable land in more than a month!  It was amazing to see the abundance of wildlife on the island: penguins, fur seals, and elephant seals are all very common.


The Signy Island research base looking out to Coronation Island. Photo: Patrick Robinson


An Antarctic fur seal at Signy Island. Photo: Patrick Robinson


Southern elephant seals on the front porch of the research base at Signy Island. Photo: Patrick Robinson


We are now on our way back to the Falkland Islands.  Wish us calm seas as we travel through the Drake Passage again.