Roz Savage Hanging On

No new coordinates since this morning, as a satellite may have not passed over for the tag to communicate to, but that's okay because her marine tracker has started working again.

Here's the latest on Roz's condition, according to Brooke Glidden: A very weary Roz has been consulting with Rick Shema, her weather guy (, about the next couple of days. Roz was making great time -- phenomenal, Rick noted. She was rowing at an average speed of 1.68 knots, and getting a good push from the wind, as you can see from the map.

Then, winds jumped from 5 to 40 knots. Rick predicts steady 30 to 35-knot winds through today, decreasing slightly to 27-32 knots this evening, then steady at 27-32 knots through tomorrow, with gusts from 40 knots decreasing to 35 knots in 13-15 foot seas. 

That's still impossible for Roz to row in. She's got to stay hunkered down in her tiny cabin. She can't cook on her camp stove on deck, so she has to munch on snack foods, which is getting old. 

As Rick noted on Roz's site yesterday: "When Roz gets through the next 60 hours, the remainder of the trip may seem like a cakewalk." 

Let's hope she can. She's not having an easy time out there.