TOPP Publishes Findings in Nature

In 1999, a bold plan was laid out to establish a broad collaboration among biologists, oceanographers, engineers and computer scientists in the emerging field of “biologging” science.  At a workshop held at Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove, California, more than 50 people gathered and developed a program using electronic tags to simultaneously follow the migrations and behaviors of 23 different species of marine animals – including whales, seals, fishes, sharks, seabirds, turtles and even squid.  The scientsts’ vision was that, by following such a dive

White Shark Team Takes Census of Northern California Population

The white shark research team has published two papers in the past few days, documenting the ability to recognize individual sharks year after year by the distinctive shapes and markings on their dorsal fins; and then using this information to estimate the total size of the white shark population in this region. The first study, which was published March 1 in the journal Marine Biology (Anderson et.

TOPP data to be integrated into Ocean Observing System

Back in the early days of TOPP, one of our goals was to see if it might be possible to one day use the data we get from tagged animals to help us understand the ocean itself. This concept, which we dubbed "Animals as Ocean Sensors," came a giant step closer to reality last week, with the birth of a new partnership between GTOPP and the national Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS).

Farallones 2010 White Shark Expedition

The 2010 TOPP white shark tagging expedition to the Farallon Islands was lead by Dr. Salvador Jorgensen and began on October 7 aboard the S.R.V. Derek M. Bayliss.

TOPP Researchers in Antarctica

Dr. Dan Costa from UC Santa Cruz has his team down on the ice right now tagging and tracking seals.

Census Celebrates a Decade of Discovery

On October 4 the international Census of Marine Life unveiled the discoveries made during the ten years since it was launched.  The global press conference, held in London, has generated hundreds of articles around the globe.  In the two days that followed, representatives from each of the Census field projects and National and Regional Implementation Committees (NRICs) presented summaries of their findings.  The three days were capped off with an incredible celebration at the Museum of Natural History, which was decked out just for the special event.


Our Tag A Giant Team Reports in From Canada

The TAG Team in Canada with Dr. Steve Wilson, Dr. Mike Stokesbury and Sir Robbie Schallert had a superstart to our Canadian Campaign in Port Hood, Nova Scotia this past weekend. The team has tagged about a dozen large giants off Port Hood Nova Scotia. The efforts is made possible by the assistance of our great team of fishers from the Region (Captains Dennis Cameron, Bernie Chisholm, Steve Macinnis, Pete Sutherland, Bruce and Ross Kues) and the mates aboard all the vessels but particular Sheldon from the Bay Queen IV.

TOPP Goes Global

It has been a busy summer here at TOPP HQ!  As we approach the completion of the international Census of Marine Life, our team has been hard at work finalizing the analytical tools that we are using to combine the whole TOPP dataset into a cohesive whole - allowing us to perform analyses on tracks from multiple different species, using different types of electronic tags.

Bluefin Tuna in the Gulf of Mexico

Today in the journal PLoS ONE, TOPP scientists Drs.

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