Antarctica, Part 10 - Seal "snow angels"

Today some of us stayed and worked in the lab, analyzing samples, or working with track data, while others went to look for crabeater seals.

Antarctica, Part 9 - Seals and gentoos

Around Palmer Station, we use a small boat to search the area for crabeater seals. Along the way we stumble upon a variety of interesting wildlife.

Antarctica, Part 8 - Palmer Station

After a day of cargo ops and preparations, the LM Gould left this morning with the ice fish group for a trip to obtain more fish for continued research at Pa

Antarctica, Part 7 - Winding down

After a final day working to catch a seal we headed north back to Palmer Station. The weather continues to be amazing with the barometer over 1000 mmHg (sunny, high pressure).

Antarctica, Part 6 - Seal-less

We had high hopes of catching at least one more seal today.

Antarctica, Part 5 - Two more

We awoke this morning to another fabulous day. It is hard to imagine a place more beautiful than Lallemand Fjord, where we spent the last few days.

Antarctica, Part 4 - Seal no.7

We moved out of Lellamand Fjord yesterday and woke up ready to move towards Marguerite Bay. However, before we could get very far, we came across a flow with two seals on it.

Antarctica, Part 3 - Six down, six to go

After some frustrating attempts to get tags out today, we managed to get a tag on a female seal at the end of the day. She was sleeping on an ice floe with three other seals.

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