Antarctic Fur Seal Trek: On to Leopard Seals!

Dan Costa, aboard the Yuzomegeologia, off Livingston Island, Antarctica - We just finished the fur seal surveys for this leg of the cruise. We
are now moving operations to the field camp at Cape Shirreff. Once on the Island we will be deploying CTD telemetry tags on southern elephant seals and standard satellite telemetry tags on leopard seals. The leopard seal work will be a new project for us, and rather exciting!! 

Once I leave the ship, I won't be able to send pictures. I will try to send blog postings of anything interesting that may happen. For one of today's photos, I have a female fur seal on the beach at Stigant Point on King George Island.

fur seal shetland islands antarctica And then there's this one of a chinstrap penguin, which I would caption: "Penguin contemplates how much wind it would take in order for it to be able to fly."
 chinstrap penguin south shetland island