Albatrosslandia, Part 3 - More Birds than People

As you can tell from the sat photos on the previous post, Guadalupe's a small island. Just a few folks live here: Seven to 10 members of the Mexican military (Armada de Mexico). We live with them at the military base. Cooperativa de Langosteros y Abuloneros, a thriving fishery that supports about 70 people, including families.

Soldiers on the base

We do outreach with them and they get us to the offshore islets. Two to eight people, including researchers from the Grupo de Conservacion de Islas. GECI runs a fully functional field station atop the island dedicated to the restoration of Guadalupe Island.

This field station was completed over the last 5 years.
I was on Guadalupe Island for about three weeks this trip. Normally we spend 2.5 months on the island when putting satellite tags on the birds. Since 2002, I have logged almost one year on the island during my TOPP-related activities.

What else, oh we just had an article on the Guadalupe Mexican Laysan Albatross colony come out in the popular Mexican Magazine Pronatura. The article talks about TOPP’s contribution to research on the island. The English version is in the previous post.

DSC Landing

I’ll post more later. What I really need to do is strap myself to the data analysis chair.